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Adventures, spartan, exotic, unfamiliar, dangerous and expensive. If you mention sailing holiday to average person with no experience in sailing at least three of these attributes will come to mind. …

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General informations

General information in relation to Sailing in Croatia, information about the winds and the sailing weather in Croatia


Sailing guides for Croatia, sailing around the Island Vis, Hvar and Brac, information about harbours and trips


Marinas in Croatia, description of select marinas, information, position and contact details of marinas in Croatia

Sailing Companies

Companies in Croatia offering nautical service, which company to contact if you need assistance while sailing in Croatia

Sailing events

Sailing events in Croatia, boat shows and regattas and other event related to nautical tourism in Croatia

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Sailing in Croatia

boat charter croatia

Dear yachtsmen, the Croatian part of Adriatic with over one thousand islands, mild climate and variety of historical and cultural landmarks is a true heaven for real sea-lovers, a unique …

Winds in Adriatic

winds adriatic


Bora – 1st quadrant wind (burin is similar to bora, but is of local character since it is defined by the temperature difference between the land and …

Harbourmaster’s offices in Croatia

harbour master office croatia

Port Authority, on the Croatian territory perform the following tasks:

Control of navigation in inland waters and territorial sea
Search and rescue of human life and property at sea
Inspection of safety
Supervision of …